Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Sewing Space

So, now that we are settled in our home, here, in Utah. Allow me to take you on a tour of my current sewing space. It's not glamorous by any means - and I am still not completely organized in this space of the house. But, it's my space and it's large so I'll take it. 
As you can see, I am in the dreary basement. We originally had this space as the play room our first few weeks in our home. But, if you see those pipes on the left....yeah, our main water. Not to be left alone with children. So it's now my studio. 

On one side of the room is my sewing table. On the other side, is my cutting table, with Tom Selleck looking over me....sigh.....Anyone love Magnum P.I. as much as I did/do?

I feel bad that I left my "happy" light on when I took this photo. Behind my dress form is my huge built in cabinets where I store my fabric. I am fortunate to have such spacious cabinets because I have so much fabric, and my bolts easily fit in. One of the greatest things about owning an old home, is the so much built in cabinets and storage. This was my Great-Uncle's home, that he built in 1956. We live in such a treasure, that happens to need a lot of updating.

I don't necessarily need this bookshelf. I could have fit all this stuff into my cabinets, but somethings I really want close by. My space is currently messy, as I am working on 4 things at one time. But, that's a constant for me. I always have something to work on - hence, why I am still not entirely organized. Such is life!

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