Monday, October 26, 2015

Goldilocks and Baby Bear

This year, we decided to go as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I didn't make Mama and Papa Bear costumes, so I'm not bothering showing you. They are pretty embarrassing. I kept putting it off, due to SO MUCH TO DO around our new home. But, the girl's costume's are made by me, and they aren't embarrassing at all. They are ADORABLE!

Lil' Miss insisted on wearing the wig. Oh well. Goldilocks dress is from a vintage pattern I had. The bodice and the apron are from a fabric my mom gifted me a few years ago, while the orange gingham for the sleeves and skirt is actually vintage fabric a friend gave me. the vest is a velvet cotton found on (I used it for the bodice of last year's Anna Dress). I laced the vest up with a leather strand I had on hand. And the eyelet ruffle is leftover from a blanket my mom made for Lil' Lovey. 

For Baby Bear, the one piece jumpsuit is corduroy, from a vintage dress that belonged to my late Grandma. I thought I would wear it often, but I haven't. When it came down to the wire of making Lil' Lovey's costume, this is the only brown fabric I had. I even had a vintage brown neck zipper to go with it. The crocheted bear hat I found at Natalia Treasures on etsy. She did a great job! She was speedy with her work, and the hat even came with a flower clip. SO CUTE! There was no way I was going to attempt a hat. I'm so glad I found her shop. 
My cute lil' baby bear. Swoon. 

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