Monday, February 9, 2015

Me Made Monday: Red Eyelet Shift Dress

I've been wanting to make a new shift dress for awhile. I had originally bought a big floral print fabric to make one with, but when the fabric arrived, it was apparent that the floral was just too big for a slim shift dress. I was racking my brain on what to do, what to do? I gave my fabric stash a once and twice over, until mine eyes happened upon this red eyelet. I had bought this red eyelet a year and a half ago, while visiting my Mom in Washington, and I could never decide what to do with it. Well, turns out a shift dress is perfect for red eyelet. I happened to have some fuchsia pink lining from that would look fantastic under the eyelet. I made this romantic dress specifically for our upcoming romantic Valentine's Day date.

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Justine/ Sew Country Chick said...

So pretty Bethany. Red suits you!