Monday, January 26, 2015

Me Made Monday: Red Plaid and a Faux Leather Crop

I know, I know. Worst pictures ever. Believe me, This is not how I wanted them to look. But you see, life took presidency over how good the pictures are or not. I had a small window of time, which happened to be the wrong time of day, and my garage door is obviously not the greatest background. Okay, less about the pictures, more about the clothes. My black crop top is faux leather, self drafted, equipped with front bust darts and back darts and a side zipper. My skirt is a self drafted pencil skirt, made from a stretch tartan red I bought at It stretched enough that I didn't need a zipper, I just made the waist band stretch enough to fit over my hips. I made this outfit right before I got pregnant, AKA when it fit me better. I was more comfortable in this prior to pregnancy with baby number 2. Trying to wear this now, I am quite uncomfortable with how tight it is. But its cute, and hopefully it will fit me by next Fall. 

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