Monday, January 19, 2015

Me Made Monday: Navy Tartan Boxy Top

Yep, I made another boxy top. Same pattern as my floral boxy top, but did a ruffle bottom, using Merrick's tutorial. I made mine more cropped rather than drop waist, due to how much fabric I had to spare. I plan on doing a drop waist version of this top soon. 

I used a flannel, for the softness and I enjoyed the tartan print. I didn't do much of a gather, and now looking at these pictures, I wish I had. I think it would have looked nicer. 

It is what it is. I'm still happy with the outcome, and I wear my top often. It's comfy. I need comfy as of late. It's just how life rolls these days. Comfy shoes, pants, tops, hair up, no jewelry, and not much time for make up either. 

And that's just fine. I'm happy. Check out Merrick's Drop Waist Peplum Top here

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