Monday, December 8, 2014

The NEW Madalynne

Recently, my friend Maddie from Madalynne, re-did her site. It's laid out so beautifully, and easy to navigate. She offers wonderful sewing advice, and posts on sewing techniques. I like to visit her blog when I am trying to get better at certain techniques, or even learn something new. To me, Madalynne is far from a disappointment, and is a great learning source from an exceptionally great person.

When you visit the About page, this is what Maddie has to say about Madalynne: "Madalynne is an educational, informational and inspirational blog. First and foremost, Madalynne provides lessons and tutorials on pattern making and sewing in simple words and with visually pleasing images that are fun to look at and easy to remember. Madalynne also provides articles on everything sewing and design related, including, but not limited to, photography, fashion history and art. Lastly, Madalynne documents glimpses of my life as I grow as a seamstress and a photographer."

Maddie truly is a talent, and offers her talent to offers. Here, you can purchase sewing courses. And on her blog, Maddie offers tutorials, and her own creations as inspiration to get your blood pumping to sew your heart out. 

Maddie has also opened her own shop on Society6, which is her photography work of seamstress love! All manifested in prints, phone cases, tee shirts, stationary, and canvases! And being such a good friend, she sent me one of her lovely photograph prints to showcase to my readers. My print is called Mannequin, and I love it! I obviously had to hang it in my sewing room. I found my frame at Target, and thought it was a wonderful marriage. Don't you think? 

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