Friday, September 26, 2014

Warby Parker 2014 Fall Collection - How to Wear

This is a sponsored post, by Warby Parker
Have you heard of Warby Parker? They are a hip eyeglass company, that offer a Free Trial Try On and they do a good deed with their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair Program .
They carry chic prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. They currently have a new collection out for Fall 2014, and I have been asked to showcase a few and how I would style them. 

First of all, I don't need glasses often. Usually in a low light setting and at night with lots of glares. But, as I've aged, my eyes have changed throughout the years. Not drastically, but slowly. I'm also a busy mom, who has one child in preschool and ballet class, and one newly born, and works from home, busy with clients or busy building my business, or busy just doing household tasks. So, I change my clothes often throughout the day. And with that, I would want my glasses to compliment what I'm wearing. 

When I am home, working and/or homemaking, I typically put on something comfortable - but still me. I put together a great outfit to pair with these awesome glasses, Nash, by Warby Parker, that I would wear in a heartbeat, while at home.

Home Bound

When I make it out of the house for grocery shopping or other typical duties, I like to look put together yet comfortable - and wear a pair of glasses that show off my responsible/fun side. I chose the Chandler TI in Oak. I am actually really in love with these glasses. They are so my style! And this outfit flatters them nicely.

Out & About

The chance that a date night happens, I really like to look my best and as feminine as possible. I would wear the Annette in Petal Tortoise. And I would pair them with an equally beautiful dress and accessories. So romantically gorgeous!

Date Night

Be sure to check out the Warby Parker 2014 Collection, and see what styles best fits you. 

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