Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sassy Glasses - By Firmoo

This is a sponsored post by Firmoo

If you didn't know, your eye sight changes throughout your life. After having two babies and aging, my eyes have been changing quite a bit. It was time for new glasses. Some funky ones, this time. 

I felt inspired by Sally Jessie Raphael, and went with red. You can find my glasses, here. I love red. Best part is, one side is black, and the other is white. So artsy! 

I really like my new glasses. They are fun, colorful, serve a purpose, fashion forward, my style, and hip. Not to mention Firmoo processes them with 1.57 index lenses and anti-radiation & UV coatings automatically for better product experience.

Firmoo is offering their First Pair Free promotion, again. Take advantage of this.
You have the option of prescription glasses and non-prescription glasses, sunglasses, and protective eyewear. Your choice. Just remember to choose something AWESOME! And use the code FREEFIRMOO, at checkout.

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