Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Post Pregnancy Dress

I found this fabric at The Fabric Store, in L.A., during their grand opening. I was a guest of Justine from
Sew Country Chick.

It was truly love at first sight. I held on to it, not knowing what to make with it, but knew it had to become something comfortable and wearable. And then I found out I was pregnant. I did not want to make anything Maternity out of it, so I focused on post maternity and the essentials I would need in order to get some wear out of it. I needed to be able to breastfeed in it and I needed it to be comfortable for my postpartum body shape. I self drafted the entire thing, which would explain a couple flaws that no one notices but me. I added the belt to give myself a waistline. 

With a new baby around, I'm finding less time to sew. I thought I would have more time. I remember, with my first, I had so much down time to sew and I couldn't figure out why I don't this time around. I had to weigh the differences. 

My first was such a good sleeper, she was formula fed, and we lived at my Dad's, so less home responsibility. This time around, the new baby fights how tired she is, is pretty much attached to my chest, and I also have an older child to take care of, and a home to maintain. I am so busy and so tired. I have so many half done projects, just waiting for me to finish them. But, they can wait until bed time. I want to enjoy my baby and little girl, for they are both already growing too fast. This time goes by so quickly, I need to cherish it while I have it.

But, what do you think of this print? Isn't just gorgeous?!? I want more of it. 
I made the neckline split, it's hard to tell because of the print. But, I can open it to feed. Very convenient. 

I made it maxi length, but I am considering making it midi length, for a more retro feel. We shall see.


oona balloona said...

beautiful post, and gooooooorgeous dress! oh please keep it maxi....

Lizzy said...

Beautiful dress! and it doesn't look like you just had a baby!

Andrea said...

Looking fabulous!! You're in the hardest times. Take comfort in the fact that it does not, in fact, last forever.

I love the dress that length as well. =)

Miss Crayola Creepy said...

You look beautiful as always! :) Your dress is so cute and it's so awesome that you drafted the pattern yourself. I'm very impressed!