Monday, May 5, 2014

Vera Aveline by Maddie Flanigan

Happy Cinco de Mayo! And happy eight year wedding anniversary to my loving husband, who takes all my pictures. Today I am sharing with you the Vera Aveline by Maddie Flanigan. Maddie is an amazing designer and seamstress. Her blog is called Madalynne. If you haven't checked her out yet, do so now! We all can learn so much from her expertise. I first connected with Maddie just a couple years ago. I ADORE her. I wish I could know her in person. I wish I could make her the little sister I never had. Yes, Maddie, I would steal you away if I could.
Vera Aveline blog post 01 Make Your Own Vera Aveline

Anyways, recently she posted a tutorial on her latest design, called Vera Aveline. A Summery, strappy, box maxi dress. I tested the tutorial, and I love her design. I only had to make changes for my measurements, and it worked out perfectly. It's a great dress to wear as the months get warmer, but could also be paired with a cute cardi or jacket. For me being in my third trimester, I was very comfy in this dress. The design is just what my uncomfortable body needed. Point is, you can be stylish AND comfy.

These days, I am HOT(in temps, of course). This was a quick, easy dress to make and just put right on. I belted it under the bust to define the baby bump more. 

I'm also feeling very massive as of late, so anything with room to spare is a must wear.

I chose a fun tribal like trim to go with my Navajo print fabric. It brought a pop of color and I feel complimented it nicely. 

I love this dress, and I plan on wearing it often. Even the Lil' Miss wants one in her size. Totally doable. Head on over to Madalynne now and make the Vera Aveline! Summer is almost here.

A huge thanks to Maddie, for thinking of me to test her tutorial. XOXO!


Anonymous said...

you look so fantastic!!

Melissa Ormonde said...

Very cool meeting you on Saturday, Bethany! Love your blog!

Melissa Ormonde said...

Very cool meeting you on Saturday, Bethany! Love your blog!