Friday, May 9, 2014

Body Issues

Comparison is the thief of joy. — Theodore Roosevelt

I know. This is not a lifestyle blog. Nor do I want it to be. But, today, I am going to discuss with you about body issues. Since this is an apparel sewing blog, that has to do with bodies 100%.

First of all, I am only 5' 1". I have heard from people that I look tall in my pictures. These comments made me happy, because I am obviously far from tall. My photographer is doing a great job at fooling you all. I have never been tall, and I will never be tall. I don't have any perspective on how it is to be tall. But, do I have moments where I wish I could have the long lean legs to pull off some fantastic pants, skirts, or dresses? Of course I do. We all wish something of that nature.

Second, I barely have a bust. Barely. It's quite sad and frustrating at times. Especially when it comes to bra or swimsuit shopping. Or even normal shopping. Not being able to fill out a top can feel very depressing. Even making my own clothing, and having to adjust the bust over and over again, and still struggle with the outcome of my creation.

All in all, my figure is a prepubescent frame. It's not awesome, and it's all I know. But this is who I am, and I cannot change my bone structure or how my bust grew. I suppose I could buy a new bust, but it's not a priority of mine.

The point of this post is that every woman struggles with her body type, no matter what she looks like. It's nature I suppose. We do it to ourselves. We allow society to do it to us. We allow others to do it to us. I allowed so many people to do it to me. Make me feel like my body was never good enough to them. I was teased relentlessly in school for being soooo skinny, flat chested, and short. I went home everyday and forced myself to eat whatever I could to try and gain weight. I was called bony, anorexic, bulimic, skinny B word, among other terrible names. I would literally cry myself to sleep.

For some strange reason, people feel like they have to make body comments to others. Well, my body is not my identity. And your body is not your identity. People, to this day, still comment on my figure. I'm not always sure how to feel about it or how to take it, because all I can think about is the mean comments the kids at school would say to me. Do these adults think the same thing? That I must be an anorexic skinny B word? That's not who I am. Yes, my body may be the size of an 11 year old, but the grass is not greener on this side of the fence. Trust me. Who in the heck would want their body compared to a child's? Not me. As women, we all want to look and feel like a woman. I have always felt that I look like a little boy. Not how I want to feel about myself.

Ladies, don't beat yourself up over your body. Ever. Don't allow others to make you feel less than perfect. Breaking News: None of us have perfect bodies. None of us. And that is okay. Do yourselves a favor, and never compare yourself to another.

I can go on and on about the things I don't like about myself, and compare myself to others. But that doesn't sound like any fun. So, I refrain from doing so.

I know what types of clothes flatter my figure, and what doesn't. I'll stick to that. I'll stick to what makes me feel good about myself. We all should try harder to feel good about ourselves.

As for now, my priorities are my health and my family. Our health is way more important than what our body looks like. Skinny does not equal healthy. The inside matters more than the outside. Embrace your womanhood and love who you are.


Miss Crayola Creepy said...

I love this post and I love your honesty! xo

oona balloona said...

you rock.

Loran said...

I can tell you, from someone who has been professionally dressing people for over 30 years that there is NO SUCH THING as a perfect body! As a matter of fact, the ones that (in my personal opinion) had the best bodies usually had the biggest issues. Dancers are the very worst. You are absolutely correct that "we" are not our bodies, they are only what the most important parts of us inhabit. You are beautiful and wonderful and anyone who says otherwise has to go through the rest of us : )

Anonymous said...

This post is so great and so honest. Good for you for embracing yourself as you are! It's one of the great things about making your own clothes that you don't have to 'conform' to shop sizes and you can make things to your exact measurements, without the judgement that goes with not fitting into a size or something gaping in a particular area.