Monday, March 24, 2014

Mad Men Challenge Trois - Trudy Campbell

Well, I completed my Mad Men Challenge dress. I'm quite happy with it. As my inspiration, I chose Trudy Campbell. She is actually my favorite female on Mad Men. Her character is the only one that doesn't make me angry. I had to stop focusing so much on the story line of the series, because I would get so upset. I chose to gear my focus on the fashions. Let myself be inspired by them, by the era, and by the social ladders. With Mad Men coming to an end, I'm a little sad. Sad, because there won't be anymore fantastic fashions to look forward to. But, I always have their incredible fashions to look back on.

For my Trudy inspired look, I wanted a dress more like this silhouette: 
But, being 24 weeks pregnant, I had to change some of the silhouette in order to fit my growing baby bump, sort of like this:

I kinda mixed the two together. I was NOT going to wear a sailor style dress while pregnant. I would just feel silly. But, I loved the sailor styles color more. It's a better hue for my skin tone. And I chose a neckline more like Trudy's dining dress and A-line skirt. The puffy sleeves were just an added bonus. 

The pattern I used is a Butterick Bridal and Bridesmaid pattern. I did the bridesmaid option. The pattern dates back to 196, and with the empire waistline, it was perfect to fit my bump into. This pattern was really easy to follow. I avoided the hassle of extra filigree options and just kept it simple and comfortable.

I highly doubt this dress will fit me post pregnancy. I barely fill out the bust as is. But, it sure is cute and I can always save it for my niece or my daughters. 

Thank you Julia, for hosting another great challenge!

Julia Bobbin - Mad Men Challenge III


House of Pinheiro said...

you look adorable

Helen Schneider said...

I really like this. It's great color for you too!

Justine of SewCountryChick said...

You are one of the cutest pregnant ladies! And you manage to be very chic in that dress. Did you adjust the pattern?