Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mad Men Challenge 3, Are You In?

So this is the first Mad Men challenge I am participating in, and sadly the last. Why is the show ending? I was hoping it would go all the way into the 1980's. Sad news for me.

Anyways, Julia at Julia Bobbin is hosting her third challenge. Head on over, read the details and join!

I'm looking forward to sewing vintage maternity for myself, we'll see how much I get done. The deadline to send in photos to Julia is April 1st. Hurry, get started now!

Julia Bobbin - Mad Men Challenge III

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Lizzy said...

Congrats for your pregnancy! About the challenge, I would like to enter, in fact I've been looking for patterns, I did not enter to the first two BUT I LOVE to see the creations of all the bloggers.