Saturday, January 25, 2014

2 Months and 2014 Goals

Hey friends! I'm alive, I promise. I meant to have a sewing post up a few weeks ago, but life made itself very clear that there would be changes. We found out that I'm pregnant and am further along than we had realized. Also, we are moving. Finally getting out of condo living and moving onto a house, where I will finally have my own sewing room, and the kids and dogs will have a yard to play in. And no HOA! Anyways, I did have sewing goals this year. They have abruptly changed, but I still managed some goals. I plan on sewing myself clothing I can wear during pregnancy and post delivery - so a lot jersey and stretch knits for me to learn on. I also plan on sewing more for my daughter and the new little one, once I find out the gender. I am excited to be able to start sewing soon, I'm going crazy from taking a 2 month break. So that's the news! I'll see you as soon as I am able. Until then, follow me on instagram - lilbitbeth.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations again on your pregnancy! It's going to be an excited year for you!