Monday, November 18, 2013

Punk it Up

I have so badly been wanting to make myself a pair of tartan pants, and was having a terrible time finding the right tartan in the right fabric. Finally, after a long search, had exactly what I was looking for. But, I couldn't decide if I wanted them legging style or slouchy style. I first did them slouchy. Bad idea. Don't try this. So I altered what I had and made them as leggings. Much better idea. The crotch is still a little low and a bit baggy, but since they are leggings, I'll be wearing long tops with them anyways. I got some baggage to hide until I work it off.

I wanted to make them feel a bit punk, (since my inner personality and music of choice, and my pre-wife/mommy lifestyle lead me more towards that genre) so I put in some black panels. They were leftover Halloween fabric at Joann's.

This sweater is from Forever 21. I couldn't pass it up. I mean c'mon, it's citron green and it has a big "X" in the center! "X" is my thing. This sweater was meant for me. The letter "X" is a symbol for the straightedge community or gang or crew or lifestyle, whatever you want to call it. I chose a straightedge lifestyle, in high school. I had plenty of family members struggle with addictions to drugs and/or alcohol. I never knew my maternal grandfather. Due to drinking and driving in 1960, he crashed into a tree and died on impact. I knew at a very young age that addiction was in my blood, so I was just gonna stay away. 
My husband is also straightedge, and our chosen lifestyles and faith is what really brought us together.

These shoes are from I was so in love with them when I ordered them. And was so excited that they came in a size 5.5. I have super small feet these days. I used to be a size 6 before I was pregnant with Lil' Miss. Then they just shrunk. So weird. Anyways, like I was saying about the shoes. I loved them. Not so much anymore. I have narrow feet. But these shoes are made for SUPER narrow feet. They fit lengthwise perfectly, but I feel like I have to cut off some toes, when it comes to the width. They are called Drae. Don't get them, unless your feet are freakishly skinny. 

The punk/ska show version of me.

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