Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tiny Harem

This last week, I made harem pants for my lil' miss, out of the fabric I originally had set aside for these dresses. But, No one has been ordering, and I couldn't just let this rad fabric sit there in my fabric stash doing nothing. Hopefully I can get more....if I ever make it downtown soon.

I wasn't exactly sure how drop bottom harem pants were patterned and put together, since I had only seen them online, not in any stores around these parts. But, I also don't really go shopping either....haven't found a need to lately.

I found a pattern through Burda. And I gotta tell you, this pattern was SUPER easy to use and understand. I'm pretty sure I could do it with my eyes closed now. Though I would change the waistband. Instead of having a long pattern piece with an inserted elastic as the waistband, I would just make a pattern piece the circumference of the child's waist, since the fabric has a lot of stretch. I plan on making more. They are so cute and I love how they can be worn for play, or bed time, or use a fancier fabric and be worn for something for dressy. I also think this pattern can be considered unisex. Lil' boys can do the Harem style too, like M.C. Hammer! I recommend this pattern for sure!

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