Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spotted Gold

I bought this fabric Downtown. I am in love with it, and I want more of it! I want to make everything out of it. It is so comfy and beautiful. I debated back and forth on what to make with it, a shift dress, pajamas, a circle skirt? I finally decided to use a pattern that I only used one time before, but really enjoyed and found it easy to use. I used a retro remake of Butterick 5748, and drafted my own sleeves.

Though I forgot how much I have to take the pattern in to fit me. The dress was fitting my mannequin really well, I should have taken that as a sign that it wouldn't fit me. My mannequin actually has a bust and a rounded back. Two things I certainly lack. So after I serged all my pieces together, I waited an entire week before I actually tried it on. What is wrong with me? I was asking myself the same question.

Sunglasses: Fred Meyer, Belt: Vintage, Shoes: Justfab.com
You see, I thought that once the little one started school, I would have more time to sew for clients and myself. That's not the case at all. Once I was home alone I started to see other things that needed my attention around the home. I also realized I could go running with our dogs, kid free and not in the dark. I could do my yoga without a little one climbing and crawling on me. I can go grocery shopping, by myself, and have it not take forever or buy things we don't need. It was a new found freedom for me! And that is why you are all seeing this dress later than I had originally planned. I still have some adjustments to make, just to feel more confident up top. I'm sure I'll get around to it some time.....when the white thread makes it way back into my machine.

I used a visible zipper in the back to give it a modern feel to go with the modern fabric. I love that the zipper is visible, and I like how it looks with the dress. I feel it was a good choice on my part.

Out of the left over scraps, I made M.E. a little skirt. She loves wearing it, and looks so cute in it. This skirt is very much her personality! Sparkly and bright.

I feel like I can wear this dress anywhere, anytime. Church, a party, shopping, family gatherings, sight seeing, etc. I like the vintage look with the modern comfy material. 

It's nice to get back to sewing vintage. It's been awhile and I have missed it so much.
P.S. the only makeup I'm wearing is mascara, blush, and lip balm.

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Sew Much Ado said...

Ahhh! I love this dress Bethany! So cute and it looks fabulous on you!

jeifner said...

It is fabulous! Love the fabric and the style.

Jessica said...

What a fun, beautiful dress! The picture of you and your daughter twirling needs to go into a frame too!

April Boyer said...

I love this dress! The fabric is perfect and the style is so flattering.