Thursday, September 19, 2013

Halloween Ideas 2013

Halloween happens to be a favorite holiday around our home. I love trying to think up an idea of what to be every year that's going to be unpredictable or funny, or pushing some sort of limit. Since being a mother, my ideas have calmed down a bit and the focus has been more directed towards my daughter's costumes. My husband gets ideas and doesn't follow through with them and then waits until the last minute to decide what to be. I can't play that way. I really have to plan in advance. Most of the time I pick a costume idea for couples, and sometimes I allow him to be what he wants and I do my own thing. But, I'm really hoping next year that we can do an entire family costume - I just have to convince the rest of the family and I have to remember what it was I wanted to do....shame on my memory, or lack there of at this moment.

So these were the ideas I had, that I wanted to be this year:

Cinderella, in her work clothes. My daughter is being Cinderella, in the ball gown - which I already made. But I just couldn't convince my husband to be Prince Charming or the Fairy Godmother. Boo hoo.

Then I thought Rosie the Riveter! That would be awesome! I would teach myself to make a whole fitted coverall suit. What a great experience that would be. Then, I saw how much this costume had been over done lately. Maybe I'll still do it, in a few years. 

I have always wanted to be Mary Poppins, in white. ALWAYS! This character has always been an inspiration to me. Though she may not be a real woman, I think more women should have her ideas, values, and morals. I sat n this idea for awhile. I had too many counts against me for doing this costume. It would definitely be too expensive to make and another I couldn't convince the hubby. I wasn't about to make my costume and his and M.E.'s. Aint nobody got time for that! But this is also one I still plan on dong in the future.

So I finally know what I am going to be, and my husband has agreed to pair with me. I am not making our costumes, realized is less expensive to just get the odds and ends that we need, since the majority of it we already have. It will be a surprise, and a little envelope push - but I'm sure we wont be the only people out there in these costumes, but ours will be the most creative. 

Do you have your costume picked out already? Are you making it or buying it?


Rox said...

Actually thinking about making a Queen of hearts costume... but I might back down and go for something else. I gotta think quick, Halloween is coming so soon! I'd love to make a litteraty influenced costume (I'm a teacher!)

Pauline Guillet said...

I live in Sapin, so no Halloween tradition over here, boo hoo! Much to my disappointment as I love to dress up (I try to get the best of the few costume parties there is). Mary Poppins is my favorite! Now you've giving me a new idea, thanks ;)