Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Product Line - Toddler Sun Dress

Last year I had all these plans to make chiffon maxi skirts to sell, but got caught up with a few orders and lack of help with my daughter, to be able to actually start creating. Well, recently, I made my daughter a cute chevron sun dress. I thought, How cute would it be if I made a ton of them and sold them? Super cute! So I had to wait for some money to come in to be able to go buy my fabric needs.

I know Summer is almost over, but there is always next Summer to actually wear it! I hope orders start coming in, soon.

I love my model. She is the best!

What do you think? Would you buy this for your daughter, if aged between 2 and 5?


Missy said...

I would in a second!! She is so cute and grown up!!

The TWIT said...

Yes! And the headband in every available color.