Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Vacation: Treasures

As you know, we spent a week of June in Yakima, WA. My mother lives there on a farm she inherited from her parents and brother after they passed. I decided I wanted to be with her and away from my day to day life on my 30th birthday. All I wanted to do was shop for fabrics at Hancock's, and eat gluten free goodies all day long. 

We started the day at Waffles Cafe, where I ordered a gluten free stuffed french toast.

Then went fabric shopping. Where I bought this fabric, and this fabric,the other fabrics I bought were on a discontinued sale table. I only made it to one fabric store, mainly because I didn't have any spending money left to go to the other two. Sad face....

Then went to a dedicated gluten free bakery, Anna Mae's, and bought birthday gluten free cupcakes. Along with other gluten free goodies to last me the rest of the week. I am actually still bloated from it all.

I ate a lot.....

Changing the subject, see these earrings I am wearing? My husband bought them for me for my birthday. They are handmade by a Native woman, and sold on the reservation's Yakama Nation Cultural Center. I love them so much! My mom bought me a pair as well, and M.E. bought me this rad tote bag. My mom also bought me a lot of sewing notions, that I very much needed.

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