Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pillowcase Nightie

A while back, Pretty Prudent (Prudent Baby) shared this tutorial and I had pinned it, waiting to be able to use it. Well, my lil' M.E. is now the right size for me to actually take all of the vintage pillowcases I bought and make nighties for her. Which turned out so well! And since we are getting some hot nights, these nighties aren't so restrictive when she sleeps.

I packed one of the nighties for our trip to Washington, thinking we would have some hot nights. Nope, I was wrong. Dead cold! We quickly took photos on the front porch of my Mom's little red farm house. Yes, there is a bed on the front porch. That's where my Grandma insisted on sleeping. She actually made the rope bed herself. I love that woman, and miss her so much.

Here, M.E. is modeling the nightie for you. Such a ham.

The back has a slit at the top for easy dressing and undressing
The neckline is adorned with gingham bias tape

The bottom detail of the pillowcase

Pretending to be asleep

 And practically squeezing Cricket to death. That poor cat.

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Sarah said...

beautiful dress and your wee girl. I do love cricket too what a fab name for a cute puss :)