Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Harem Shorts and a Bold Print

I received this fabric in a gift bundle from Michael Levine. The fabric is called Hot Flash by Luella Doss for Free Spirit. It was an end cut, so very little to work with. But the material was so thick - I knew i just had to make some shorts work out. I pretty much folded them on the opposite path to make it longer yardage, but this also made it thinner. I used Used Simplicity 1887. Some pattern pieces had to be left out, and I took in the pattern at the thigh about an inch and a half, lengthened them by 2 inches, and used a thick black elastic for the back. 
Yes, my daughter is wearing my shoes. And wants to be in all the pictures with me. Oh well, what can you do without making her cry?
It shows on my face when I have an onlooker. My face looks embarrassed and impatient. Look! I am cringing a little, I am probably holding my breath.
Don't you just love this print? It's not too often I make modern things, but I'm glad I did. However, as much as I love this pattern, I do not like the pattern instructions. I have used this pattern twice, and literally winged it each time. 
Shirt from Forever 21, Wedges from Target
M.E.'s dress from Olvera Street, CA


dannyscotland said...

The shorts are way cute, and so is your daughter. I understand how you feel, but I do think it's adorable that she wanted to be with you.

Sarah said...

Hello hello,
What fab shorts, great shape, great pleats, and GREAT FABRIC!
p.s I just nominated you an award winning Super Sweet Blogger!