Thursday, May 2, 2013

MMM13 Day 2: Working From Home

Recently I quit my job as a bridal consultant, to be able to stay home with M.E. and work from home with my custom orders. I am so glad I did. We still struggle financially, but we have made some changes to get by. I know it will just keep getting better.

Today M.E. will be going to her Grammy's house to play, while I finish up a prom dress and a few more Me Made May ideas. I also need to finish my Gatsby dress, and the Mother's Day dresses for M.E. and myself.

So today I work, and this is what I wear working. A handmade maxi skirt from leftover fabric of a chevron maxi I made for a friend/client. I love this skirt. It is so breathable and easy. Especially for a very windy, 90 degree day!
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M.E. has really wanted to join me in pictures lately. I think it's cute. She is coming out of her shy shell.

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She was making monster faces at me.


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Anonymous said...

It's 90 degrees where you are?! Oh my how I'm jealous!