Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MMM13 Day 1: Gardening Day

Today, M.E. and I decided to work in our little make shift garden. Everything is in pots, but we are managing. We started some herbs, chocolate mint, mint, sage, lavender, cilantro and chives. We started some lettuce. We also have some flowers, hydrangeas, impatience, daisies, and bleeding hearts. And two other flowers I don't know the names of that my Mom started last year.

For gardening I wore my Heritage blouse with a pair of black shorts. I knew I would sweat and get hot. It has been so hot, we have practically been swimming everyday. This is a day we plan on swimming after we are done planting. These pictures showcase my natural "beauty", no makeup, no photo editing. This is me, ready to tackle a garden and go swimming. Who needs to get all fussied up for that. Welcome to my everyday life. I love it this way.

The pattern I had used for the blouse, is not really a pattern I recommend. You know those blouses where the buttons come out, or not enough buttons on the blouse? Yeah, this is one of those blouses. But I love my fabric choice, and am glad I have some leftover. I think I'll make a sun dress for M.E.

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L to R: Chocolate Mint, Mint, Chives, Lavender 

L to R: Green onions, Cilantro, Green onions


Sprouting Lettuce


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