Friday, May 3, 2013

Me Made May Day 3: Dog Days

It was a very hot day! Doesn't help that the Northern fire's smoke is strolling into town. It sure makes the sky look yuckier than usual. But, since it was SO hot, M.E. went to the pool and actually got in all of the way. She let me hold her in the water finally, and allowed me to teach her how to kick her legs. She is a timid sweetheart, but warms up quickly. After our fun day at the pool, we had popcicles and waited for the photographer (husband) to get home to snap a few of my new awesome swim cover-up. Nessie, our dog came with for a mini photo session. She needed to potty.
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I used a leftover remnant from a friend's top I was making for her. I love this multi colored zig-zag/chevron print. Whatever you want to call it.

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I put an elastic at the top, and an elastic just under the bust, but I shirred through the under bust elastic, to give more texture and creativity. I am second guessing the straps, but I hate wearing tube stop styles. I guess I feel less classy when I wear strapless items. That's just me, I don't feel that way about others. I did, however manage to forget to give the skirt a more A-line silhouette, so the focus isn't so much on my hip area. 

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I am really excited to wear this sundress all Summer. It's easy and comfortable, made from a rayon polyester blend so it's breathable as well.
Hat: Target, Shoes: Target, Dog (Nessie): Newbury Park Animal Rescue


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Daryl said...

I love love love love love this so much!!!!!

I need to hit you up for some clothes soon.