Thursday, May 9, 2013

Me Made May 2013: Day 6, 7, and 8

So our weather got a little drab, and all of my handmade items for colder weather has been packed away. I grabbed what I could given our weather situation.

This now top, used to be a shift dress that was at an awkward length, So I turned it into a top, and I seriously wear it all the time. Today happened to be, "just get dressed already" kind of day. I was worn out, the sky was gloomy, and my mood was moody.

Another gloomy and moody day, but I made the effort to dress cute, but still didn't try with make up or my hair. It's always in a bun if I'm in funk. I hand drafted this top. I love this top. I should have taken my cardi off so you can see the full top. It even has a breast pocket. These pants used to be flared, but they are of that stretch polyester material, so I took them in all the way down, each side, and made them into skinny trousers. I love them. So comfy.

In Los Angeles. The day was sunnier, but windy. I wore my mustard linen skirt. It's a favorite that get's worn pretty often. 

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