Sunday, May 5, 2013

Me Made May 2013 Day 5: Anniversary Weekend Part II

Today is our official wedding anniversary of 7 years. So I naturally want to call this maxi dress the 7 Year Stitch dress. I made a turban headband out of a remnant. And since it was mysteriously cold today, I paired the dress with a revolutionary style military jacket from Aeropostale' (bought 7 years ago!)


Today we made cupcakes! Best part of the day! I added an extra egg, so they were super fluffy and delicious! I am happy to be spending this day with my little family. I am very grateful to have what I have. I am content in my life and know that I have been blessed with so much. I have a helpful husband, who loves me and treats me as his equal partner. I am so blessed to have a sweet little girl, who is loving, kind, teachable, and independent. I am so thankful for my forever family.



Meg the Grand said...

That maxi dress is so lovely! It looks fabulous paired with the jacket :) Happy Anniversary!

Loran said...

We have/had the same anniversary : ) Your dresses have been really pretty, but I especially love this one.

Merrick said...

Such a fun outfit! And happy anniversary (late obviously...)

Also, so excited you're coming to Fabric Weekend!