Monday, May 20, 2013

Me Made May 2013 Day 20

And I'm back with an official blog post on Me Made May. Finals are over, so now I don't feel guilty asking my husband to take pictures. Though, this morning he was in a rush to get off to work, so I had him take a picture with my phone. And please don't mind the wet hair and no makeup look. It's very early.

The top is a refashioned chambray denim blouse that once belonged to my grandmother. I cut off the sleeves, shredded some fringe, and took it in a bit.
The blouse is 18 years old. My shorts used to be skinny pants. They were cutting off the circulation to my knee pits, so I cut them. Plus I needed more shorts, and I realized its cheaper to just cut my own from some cheap pair of pants I bought at Ross.

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Anonymous said...

For how early it is in the morning, you look great!