Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tutorial: Making a Girls Slip

Well, it's good to be back! I went on a hiatus due to a possible move. But that didn't happen. And in a way I a grateful now, after months of frustration and not knowing which way was up. I'm back and have a tutorial for you.

Have you struggled like I have, to find a slip for your little girls? I cannot seam to find anything. J.C. Penny was the place to go for the best slips when I was young. But that was 20 years ago! Things have changed and conglomerate companies have gotten cheap! So I came up with my own idea to make a slip for my lil' M.E. I found a half slip that belonged to my grandma, that I inherited, but it is just too long for my taste. I suppose I could have shortened it, but I'd rather make a girls full slip out of it.

For this tutorial you will need:
A slip of your own to use or you can find Denier Tricot fabric at
A tank top already in your child's size
Dressmakers marker
sewing machine

First I laid my half slip down, laid the tank on top of it at the fold, gave extra length so the slip would be long enough. then I traced the other side of the slip and the arm holes.

I then cut along my tracing, giving myself enough seam allowance.

Unfold your slip, and narrow the neckline you like. I cut thinner tank straps and a lower neckline, like a scoop.
Pin your straps together, and pin the open side together.

Sew along your pin markings on a short to medium stitch length.

Then go over with your serger. If you do not have a serger, then do the fold over or French seam for a cleaner seam line.

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Another Sewing Scientist said...

What a great remake! I appreciate the photos too, because I was thinking of doing something similar for my little miss with an old rayon skirt. How did you finish the neck and arm holes? Just turn under and topstitch?