Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Fashion: 2013

Did you watch the Oscars last night? We did. I love the Oscars. Probably the red carpet walk more than anything. But since I did also watch the ceremonies, I feel 99% of the Oscar winners deserved their Oscars. Usually I am very disappointed with who wins. So this year was an improvement.
Now lets talk red carpet fashion! I only posted the gowns that I either really like, or stood out to me on a designers perspective. 

She looked lovelier than ever. Her gown was so flattering on her beautiful voluptuous figure. She definitely dressed for her body type. And congratulations to her for her Oscar for Skyfall.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

This gown couldn't have been more perfect for her cute baby bump. Even if she didn't have a baby bump, I LOVE this gown! You can hardly fail with black lace over nude lining. This was Jenna and Channing's first time at the Oscars. The baby is expected due this Summer.

Naomi Watts
This is such a gorgeous gown that had been slightly ruined by the concave cut out. If the own were unison on each side, whether covered or strapless, it would have been my favorite gown of the night, if it were unison on each side, whether it were covered or strapless on both sides. But the gown just seems like it cant decide which it wants to be. Which is too bad, because Naomi is so lovely and has a figure any designer would love to design for.

Sandra Bullock
Gorgeous! Good choice all around. I don't think Sandra Bullock has ever picked a bad gown to wear. 

Reese Witherspoon
This is a beautiful color on her, and a very classic design for her mommy curves. I really like this silhouette on her figure.

Helena Bonham-Carter
What I like about her gown is that it is very Gothic Romantic, but not over done. The sheerness of the fabrics are probably my favorite part.

Catherine Zeta-Jones 
Surprisingly, this was my favorite gown of the night. I say "surprisingly" because I am not a fan of Catherine Zeta-Jones. Not, that she is a bad actress, but that she had so much acting potential, and wasted it on lame movies. But that's just my opinion. I loved this gown so much, with its glittery gold, art-deco feel. The design is unbelievable!

Amy Adams
Beautiful gown, but since I work at a bridal salon, I feel like I see gowns like this all the time. But gorgeous, nonetheless. 

Jennifer Lawrence
Probably the most talked about gown of the night. Jennifer Lawrence looks lovely. But, the design of a trumpet shape gown always looks much better on paper than it does in real life. It's the type of design that doesn't always translate well in real life, since you have to use such heavy fabric just for the gown to keep it's trumpet shape. Most likely there is netting or a petticoat under the gown. Also, the fabric reminded me of couch fabric from the late 1990's. I didn't mean to be so negative about it, but I couldn't find enough positive about the gown, though I love Jennifer Lawrence.

Jessica Chastain Dons Custom Armani at the Oscars
Jessica Chastain

Such a beautiful design. The sleek silhouette and geometric lines are so flattering on her gorgeous figure. I loved the copper and pink colors of this gown.

What gowns did you love most?

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