Monday, February 4, 2013

Macaroons: Trial and Error

I know that this is a sewing blog, but sometimes I like to dabble into other experiments that I do not posses a talent of, such as baking. I am an awful baker. Not in the sense that what I bake tastes bad, more like the presentation is not executed well, and doesn't look appetizing. Plus the fact that I am not much of a direction reader, and that has gotten me into a lot of trouble....The first time I baked a cake for my husband, for his birthday, was such a disaster. I attempted to make an ice cream cake, but didn't realize the cake mix was supposed to go into two separate cake pans. So I bought 2 cake mixes, put them in a cake pan each. As they started to bake, thy overflowed in the oven. It was just an awful mess. After I cleaned my mess and the cakes were baked, I lathered on the ice cream. What was I thinking? I seriously had no idea what I was doing and just winged it. I should have realized the size of our freezer before attempting this type of cake. It didn't fit in the freezer!!! I then had to scoop all the ice cream back into the ice cream container and waited until my husband came home from work to do the ice cream part. He said it tasted great, but it was the ugliest cake he had ever seen. We look back and laugh now. But I realized then that baking was just not my talent. So why do I keep attempting to bake? Because the sweets my sweet tooth wants at that very moment, I cannot have. I can't walk into a bakery and order whatever I want. I have to eat gluten free, and the local bakeries in my area do not offer gluten free goodies. So I try to make it myself. Though the original French Macaroon is gluten free, we just don't have a bakery that offers them. I attempted this recipe by Martha Stewart, with my husbands help, which he is a great baker. The first batch turned out ugly. It is really important to read the directions thoroughly. Also, oven temps can vary, cooking times can vary, and it is important to own a sifter, which I don't have. Non bakers don't think about such equipment.

The second batch tuned out much better! It is very important to use parchment paper, which is another thing I didn't have. I used wax paper instead. I do not recommend doing that at all.....Back to the second batch. Turned out looking better and tasted great! I do plan on doing French Macaroons again, and hopefully getting better at it, with my husbands help still.

We colored them light pink, with chocolate filling all for Valentine's Day. 
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