Wednesday, January 9, 2013

That Break Felt Great

Hello! Happy New Years! I hope your holidays were spent well. I am so happy I chose to take a month off of blogging and sewing. I really needed that break. I had to really re-evaluate my priorities. As my daughter gets older, my time is better spent playing tea party, barbies, and dress up. She is getting more interested in having a playmate and wanting my constant attention. So, my time will be focused on her and her pre-school curriculum. I am also starting school next month to better my knowledge in fashion design and illustration. I will also be contributing over at For The Love. I will still be sewing and sharing my projects. That's what this blog was intended for in the first place. I never wanted to be the ultimate blogger, or have a huge amount of followers. I really wanted to just progress and learn and teach through my blog.

Right now I am working on a custom bachelorette party dress for a friend, a valentines dress for my daughter, and a little present for her as well. So you will see me here, no worries!

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