Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pantone Spring 2013 Fashion Colors

These are all great colors. Some better than others, and being able to mix these colors is really refresshing. Pantone.com is the best to go to when you are struggling with an outfit and what to pair with what. Like, I own a pair of skinny jeans in Emerald and Poppy red. I also have a top in Grayed Jade, so I know I can wear that shirt with either pair of pants. 

Also, Emerald is the color of the year. And though it being a beautiful and any shade of green is my favorite, it is hard to wear without looking like a leprechaun. So choose your emerald articles carefully.

Floral Twilight Dress | Modern Vintage Shop 1930s | Modern Vintage Dazzling Decades
 Via shopruche.com

Carmel Dress - Temperly London
Temperly London

Jadeite Dress BHLDN

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Another Sewing Scientist said...

What is it with green that brings out the Leprechaun criticsm? My husband was looking at Golden Globes photos and pointed out one of Drew Barrymore in a beautiful long, '30s style emerald gown. The commentor went on to trash the dress and call her a leprechaun (and then of course to trash her body.....but that's a whole other issue). I thought she looked gorgeous!