Monday, January 21, 2013

Family Photos

Last month we did family photos at Oxnard Shores, CA. Our amazing, beautiful, and talented friend, Daryl, who ran Roots, Wings, and Other Things now has a photography blog called Unlost.

I have so many friends that do photography, plus a husband who dabbles in it. I like to give many a chance to boost their portfolio and skills. Daryl is a natural. I am amazed at how beautiful our family looks. I usually pick apart every little detail on myself, but I really feel beautiful in these pictures, like she knew how to capture my good side or something. Whatever the trick is.


Bea W. said...

Beautiful pictures. You have a wonderful family, such a joy to view these pictures. Thanks for sharing.

the Oil Lady said...

Oh MY GOSH. you seriously look GORGEOUS in these photos!! SUPERMODEL!!! babe. and i LOVEEEE the pictures of you and Robert- especially on your toes... so HOT! I want a pic like that with my man:)