Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Every year I never have great Halloween photos to share with you. Probably because we are always in a rush to get somewhere in our costumes, our costumes are done last minute, and the one that gets me every time, my husband ALWAYS forgets his camera or forgets to USE his camera. Seriously? We need to learn to be better prepared. This is what I have for you thus far. We took our daughter to the church Trunk or Treat. It was fun, but so overwhelming. So many people there. I don't handle crowded very well.

Husband was Dracula, M.E. was Tinkerbell, I was la femme Bat (A bat lady)

I didn't make Hubby's costume. He was left to fend for himself. I did make M.E.'s costume completely. I refashioned mine. I had a dress that I added pick-ups to the skirt, wore a corset over the body, cut sleeves off another shirt, bought some fabric with bats on it and made myself a bat wing cape that I attached to the neck of the dress and the end of my sleeves. Not a whole lot of sewing involved in my costume.

M.E. as Tink and her friend Cora as Merida from Brave. 

Well, have a happy Halloween! Hopefully I will have more to post.

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