Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Apron: A Tutorial

A couple years back, I made a Valentines Day apron and shared with you a tutorial. This year i got some crazy idea in my head to make a Halloween apron and tutorial. I am slowly becoming the crazy holiday vest/apron/sweater wearing lady. J/K I only have a few holiday aprons. I'll leave it at that. Anyways, if you want to follow along on this tutorial, please join me.
1 Halloween or festive fat quarter
1 Black fat quarter
1 Orange fat quarter
2 yards of black rickrack or mini pom poms (in my case I used both)
1 package of wide double fold bias tape (iron and sew down before using)
fabric scissors
black thread
1 8X10 sheet of paper
paper scissors

First you want to grab some blank average size paper, to cut out your pumpkin head(draw half), triangle eyes and nose, and a jaggedy (I may have made that word up, not sure) smile. 

Cut them out and place on your orange and black fabric like pattern pieces. For the pumpkin, fold your fat quarter in half and place the straight side on your fold like so:

Now place your eyes, nose, and mouth on the pumpkin. Pin down, the sew on the lowest stitch setting using the zigzag stitch.

Next, add your trim all around your pumpkin. and sew into place.

Now let's move onto the skirt part of this apron. Using your festive fat quarter, place lengthwise on a flat surface. Measure 3 inches down and cut all the way across the top of the fat quarter. This is your waistband. As you can see from the pictures, I folded my fat quarter in half, lengthwise.

Now take something round as a guide. I used a plate. Place it towards the bottom corner of your fat quarter (still folded), and cut off the outer corners giving a rounded edge.

Take your waistband and fold it in half, then fold a hem under all the way around using an iron. Unfold the skirt, and pinch a pleat in the center top. Pin down. And pin the waistband slightly over it, keeping the folded ends folded.

Using the bias tape, cut what your need to tie around your waist on each side. Pin the ends inside the waistband.

Next take the rest of your trim and pin it all the way around the skirt of your apron, starting inside the waistband.

Sew your waistband in place, your ties to your waist band, and sew your trim along the skirt. next you will want to sew your pumpkin to the skirt of your apron. Pin it down in 3 places, and you can follow along the stitch that is already in place. Next take the rest or what you need of your bias tape, and pin to the outer lumps of your pumpkin head. Sew!

This is such a cheesy apron, but it was a fun craft to do in the spirit of Halloween, and my daughter loves it when I wear it. If this tutorial didn't make sense, that's because I have the flu and may or may not be drugged. Hop on over to my Valentines Apron Tutorial for more clearer instructions. Also why you don't see a picture of me wearing it. Sick people don't photograph so well.

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Anonymous said...

this is a little cheesy, a little cute, but very awesome! I think aprons are one of those things that has gone out of style but should come back.