Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pinteresting 9: Ruffled/ Plaid Sew Weekly Challenge

I made a plaid dress for our plaid challenge on Sew Weekly. But I felt my dress to be plain and boring. I knew I needed to add something. But what.....? That's when I went to my Pinterest Sew Happy board. There I found a cute DIY ruffle tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. Just a cut ruffle to add to a plain dress. I really couldn't find any fabric in my stash that would compliment my plaid of blues, but I did find leftover crocheted lace from a wedding I was in last year. I ruffled to pieces of it, placed them side by side, then added 3 vintage wooden buttons, all different, down the center.

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Now onto Sew Weekly!

The “Life on the Nickel” Dress

The Facts:
Fabric: Light weight plaid cotton from Michael Levine $12.00
Pattern: Butterick Retro 5748 $1.99
Year: 2012/1950′s
Notions: Crochet trim and buttons from stash, Zipper $1.29
Time to Complete: 5 hours
First Worn: August 31,  2012
Wear Again: Yes!
Total Price: $15.28
I’m sad to have missed out on the Literary Challenge last week, but I needed the break to figure things out. Good thing too, since I don’t get a lot of reading done except for toddler books. So the inspiration wasn’t even flowing. But I am glad to be back this week, with a little more positive in my heart. Thank you to my Sew Weekly friends who emailed me and gave me someone to talk to during this hard time in my family’s life. Now on with the dress. I am not much of a plaid wearer, unless it’s a flannel….guilty as charged. So if I am going to make something plaid, I as sure as heck better love the plaid! And I fell in love with this plaid when I visited Michael Levine back in June. Thank goodness I bought it, or I wouldn’t have anything to work with when this challenge posted on the dashboard.
I love all the hues of blue and gray throughout this fabric. I love that I can wear it with my saddle shoes or heels if I want to. I can wear it to work, I can wear it for play. It’s versitile. The pattern I chose is a retro replicate by Butterick. This pattern is really easy. I do however need to take the shoulders up a bit, but other than that, it fits nicely.  I love the low back, it’s very feminine. This pattern is also nice to twirl in your finished product. The pattern called for a petticoat – which I don’t own and don’t find myself wearing comfortably. I opted for a slip. The ruffle on the front of the dress is from gathered crocheted lace on each side, and vintage buttons down the center. I got the idea from A Beautiful Mess. The belt I am wearing, I made last year for a wedding I was in.
Since where I live, Simi Valley, CA, is very minimal on photogenic spots because it is consumed with 6 7-11′s, 5 Del Taco’s, and more fast food and restaurants than a little town should supply, we headed to the next town over, Moorpark, CA, who still respects it’s old town style of High Street. These pictures were taken in front of one of the many Ventura County Fire Stations, which also happened to be next to a little park where M.E. and our sitter could play close by.
The title of this dress is a song by Foster The People. Which is what we are currently doing. Barely surviving paycheck to paycheck. We have hit some hard financial times and have to buckle down and budget carefully. Good thing I stashed up on fabric over the Summer. I just keep telling myself we will be fine. Everything will work out as long as we make smart decisions.

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Katrina said...

Ooooh, I love this! The colours are gorgeous together, and equally gorgeous on you! I love the back too, that is my perfect amount of dip for a back neckline.