Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gwen Inspired

Last Weeks Sew Weekly Challenge was music inspired. I chose Gwen Stefani as my style inspiration. I found a pic of her during a google search, wearing something I knew I could make and still have modesty in my wardrobe.I ran into a few unexpected challenges after the finished product, but I am totally happy with my new outfit. Here's the story:

The “Settle Down” Jumpsuit

The Facts:
Fabric: Leopard print silky satin $12
Pattern: McCall 6533 (my fav pattern at the moment)
Year: Modern
Notions: Elastic from stash
Time to Complete: 4 hours, thanks to my handy new serger
First Worn: August 2012
Wear Again: Oh yeah!
Total Price: $12
My musical inspiration for this weeks challenge is Gwen Stefani/No Doubt, and Settle Down is No Doubt’s newest single. I love everything about Gwen. Her constant evolving is fantastic. I feel I relate a lot to that. I evolve my style every so often but still come back to my tough girl ska/punk roots. I’m a rudie at heart. Skankin’ in the pit is my comfort zone. The beat of that steady ska drum is in my head and feeding out of my soul into my limbs, and I just can’t fight it anymore – I have to jump in the pit and skank it out! (FYI: skank, rudie, all ska music terminology)
Gwen inspired jumpsuitSo for a month now I have been looking for checkered print sturdy or stretchy fabric to show more ska in my choice of attire, but no luck. I am still on the hunt for my own enjoyment though. But I came across a beautiful photo of Gwen wearing a leopard print jumpsuit at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I could make that, no problem. This is a more grown up and classy Gwen style, I suppose it wont hurt to put some maturity and class into my wardrobe for once. BTW: I wear a lot of jeans and tee’s and slip on Van’s Shoes.
I wish though, I would have waited to see what their new album was going to look like, I would have imitated it instead. I love bright colors!  Settle Down
I really do love this jumpsuit. I’ts from the same pattern as my Holiday “Cover Girl” Romper, but as pants. Barbara has also used this pattern a couple times, once for herself, which looked fantastic on her, and another for her beautiful daughter. So if you don’t have this pattern already, go out and get it. It is so easy and quick, and it could look modern or it could look retro. I promise you wont regret it.
What you also wont regret is listening to the new No Doubt single, Settle Down. I totally relate to the lyrics of this song. It’s about going through a confusing time in life and being able to just push through it. I feel I encounter confusing life lessons often, and instead of giving into them and let them walk all over me – I choose to show life that I can make it through. I’ve been through hard times in my youth, whatever else is tossed my way, I’ll manage, I have no other option.
So as I mentioned before, I had been looking forward to this challenge and photo shoot for awhile, but it wasn’t until recently we got word that my Grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer. We made the decision to take a last minute road trip up to Lincoln City, OR to be with my Grandma after her surgery. I had a whole look planned out for the shoot, a huge gold waist belt, my hair in a big pompadour, my make up really dramatic, and a striking back ground. Of course due to family emergencies, I packed very quickly not completely thinking of what I would need for this shoot, if the shoot would be able to take place at all. A part of me worried that I wouldn’t be able to take part in this weeks challenge.
As we arrived Friday Morning, we were told that the Doctor found some fuzziness in my Grandma’s chest during x-rays and wanted to hold off on removing the tumor in her breast until more test results came in. In a way it was a blessing. We got to spend time doing things with Grandma instead of treading on her need for independence. As we leave, my brother and his wife will be heading in to spend quality time with Grandma as well. We are all taking turns to visit with her during this time of unwanted surprise.
So here I am finding 10 minutes away from our day to take photos of my awesome Gwen jumpsuit. Lincoln City is a very eclectic coastal town. Many of the buildings are bright colors. My options for a back drop was far and few in between, and we didn’t want to travel too far since our daughter needed to be tended to.
We found this recently abandoned garage type building just a block down from Grandma’s house. The building was a mint color, and the garage doors are this hunter green. Both colors look very nice behind the leopard print. And went well with my last minute packed mint wedges. Though I feel my wedges are too high for the length of the jumpsuit, and should have chosen my green canvas Chinese Laundry stilettos. Oh well. Though my presentation didn’t go as imagined, I love my jumpsuit and I got to spend quality time with my 90 year old grandma.


Miss Crayola Creepy said...

LOVE everything about this!

Meg the Grand said...

I'm glad you were able to spend some time with your Grandma - and you were able to complete this challenge - I give you major credit for juggling sewing and your personal life! Hugs to you and your grandma, and very well done on your fabulous jumpsuit :)