Monday, July 30, 2012

Chevron Maxi Skirt: A Tutorial

From my previous post on my Chevron Skirt, I promised you all a tutorial. It's quite easy really and I am surprised I couldn't find one when I did a search. Any who, I took most of the advice from Miranda at    One Little Minute on her Chevron dress, but I altered it to a maxi skirt. You will need about 3 to 4 yards of stripped jersey fabric depending on your height and how long you want the maxi to be. I'm on the petite end of life, so I needed 2 1/2 but got 3 to be safe. After the jump!

So I took an average A-line skirt pattern that went to my mid calf, placed it on my unfolded fabric right side up, making sure my pattern was at a diagonal or cut on the bias, and that the stripes are going down the center. I also measured out how long I wanted my skirt and placed my pins at the desired length as a guide for cutting. Make sure the width of your pattern is 2 in smaller than the width of your hips, since the fabric does stretch.

I did this 4 times. You will need 4 pieces of this pattern to make up the chevron style of the maxi.
You also want to make sure your stripes are matching up perfectly. 

You will then need to piece your skirt panels together, matching up your stripes once again. All right sides facing. Sew down your seam lines at 1in seam allowance, until the skirt has all four panels sewn.

This is how it should come together after all the panels are sewn. A seam straight down the center front, sides, and back to give the Chevron look.

For the waistband, I took my waist measurement, divided it by 2 then subtracted 2, and made two thick panels of the sum number. Hope you all have math skills....

I folded each panel over and pinned down

Then I pinned the two panels together.

You should French seam the panels together if you want to be able to fold over your waist band.

After I sewed my waist panels together, I pinned the bottom of the waist band to the top of my skirt, so that when sewn, the seams would be inside the skirt.

I pinned only four sides. Each seam pinned to a side of the waist band.

When you sew the waist band on, put your stitch length on the widest it offers, and pull the fabric on each side as you sew it together. 

And this would be your outcome!


Anonymous said...

what an easy project! The hardest part was matching the stripes. Isn't it funny how the easiest projects yield the best results?

Andrea @ said...

Love the skirt! Great tutorial!

Justine of SewCountryChick said...

Gorgeous on you Bethany! Did you also make the dress on your little girl?

Trinity said...

Gorgeous skirt and such a creative way to use wide stripes! I always but striped fabric and then I can't figure out what to do with it. And I love maxi skirts, so I think I'm going to go ahead and make myself one of these!

Handmade for one year said...

What a fantastic tutorial, thanks for posting it!

April said...

can you tell us about the little braid detail in the 1st picture please? I have fabric here waiting to made into a new skirt! Thanks for the tutorial!!

ginamarieviolinist said...

You inspired me to make a skirt for myself and a dress for my little! Thanks so much for sharing your idea! I shared photos of my project at

I linked back to this post. Thanks again!