Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend Swap Meet Adventures

Last Weekend we took an overnight family trip to Oxnard Shores to my Dad's time share.
My husband took this photo using his Canon Rebel XSI plus flash.
We spent some time at the beach the evening we arrived.

After breakfast the next morning we headed over to the Ventura Swap Meet. I love Swap Meets! All the awesome random things. treasures and junk. Here are a few of my favorite treasures.
Vintage embroidered pillowcases

Vintage State table cloths

Vintage clothing, best part of the day!

A doll case/trunk

Awesome skateboards

Metal bowls. I seriously want a collection of these.

A doll pram. If I had $250 to burn, and we had a separate toy room for M.E., I would have bought this for her.

I'm German. A stein is necessary.

I bought an awesome ivory leather carry on train case from the 1950's. I'm in love. It will be used lovingly.
My hubs bought some collective G.I. Joes.
I tried to offer a Care Bear Cousin, Lots-a-Heart, the elephant to M.E., but she wasn't interested. I think she just wanted lunch.

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Anonymous said...

I love the antique carriage. Although I don't have a child, it's such a unique piece to own!