Monday, June 11, 2012

Queen for a Day

Last week, HRH Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee (60 years of British rule). What a grand celebration. As a Sew Weekly Contributor, we had our own way of being a part of the Jubilee. A challenge to sew an outfit based on a member of the Royal Family. Obviously I chose the Queen Elizabeth. Her is my adventure. Enjoy!

The “Queen de Menthe” Ensemble

The Facts:
Fabric: Mint lightweight cotton broadcloth $9, Ivory lace remnant bin $3.50 – both from Joann’s
Pattern: Butterick 2577 – inherited
Year: 1960′s
Notions: 2 – 4 pack buttons $3, 9 in zipper $1.39
Time to Complete: Total of 4 hours
First Worn: June 2012
Wear Again: Yeah, it fit’s well
For this weeks challenge I chose HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Since we both share the same birth name, it is only appropriate to do an ode to the Queen Bee, herself. My pictorial example I found while “googling” images of HRH. I fell instantly in love with this dress. I knew I had to make it.
 .HRH Queen Elizabeth II inspirationSadly, I could not afford to make an all lace dress, so I went with a blouse and skirt set in a mint color. It’s a fabulous color trend this season, and I know the Queen is always on trend. I could however afford to do the the blouse in a cheap polyester lace, and have the mint broadcloth be the lining. I changed the neckline from the pattern, to a similar neckline in the picture above, I also added sleeves, and slimmed the A-line skirt to a pencil. This pattern was really easy to follow. To stay in tune with HRH’s dress, I took the scalloped edging off the lace fabric and tacked it on to the bottom of my blouse. I even wore my costume pearls and a belt at my natural waist. The buttons down the back give this ensemble a nice vintage feel. 8 buttons is the exact count.
 I really like my new handmade outfit. I can change it up with jeans or another blouse, which is nice. I do need to do better at configuring outfits together. I am more excited that I have a mint and lace mixture. I have been drooling over the latest fashions of mint and lace. The colors and the style of my set reminds me of having tea with my grandmother. I know tea is a popular British thing to consume. I would have a cup 
of mint tea with honey and cream. Therefore the “Queen de Menthe” was born


Anonymous said...

well the dress sure looks like a million bucks even if it isn't. I personally think your interpretation of Queen Elizabeth's dress is super modern and chic. I really like it :)

Sydnee said...

I love this! I was wondering if you made the skirt also? If so, is it also from the broadcloth? Thanks!

Justine of SewCountryChick said...

This looks fantastic on you! The sheath shape is so timeless. I hope you find a good excuse to wear this and I love the color. Queen Elizabeth had a great figure back then !

Michelle said...

I had to drop by you blog and tell you how much fun it is to see your projects on the Sew Weekly. It's really inspiring and motivational to see your skills and style develop as you participate in the challenges! I ADORE this outfit, and the Carrie dress you made for this week is FABULOUS!

Yvette Friendship said...

Brilliant take on the queens style. It looks great on you :)