Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Ode to Carrie Bradshaw

Last week on Sew Weekly, our challenge was to make an outfit based on a television character. I chose Carrie Bradshaw (SJP on Sex and The City). She has impeccable taste and will always be fashion forward in my book. I never really watched the show, but I followed the Sex and The City fashions, so here is my story.

The Facts:
Fabric: Tina Givens Cotton Fabric from stash
Pattern: New Look 6092
Year: Modern
Notions: Metal zipper – $2.39
Time to Complete: 5 hours
First Worn: June 10th 2012, Sunday
Wear Again: Oh yeah!
Total Price: $2.39
So I have to be honest, I was not an avid watcher of Sex and the City. I’ve probably only seen 5 episodes total, when it was on TBS as re-runs. One: I never had HBO, Two: I wasn’t into the plot of the series, I was more into the fashions. So the dress that I made to base off of Carrie Bradshaw, I have no idea if it was for the movie or the T.V. show. But since the movies are based on the T.V. show, and Carrie Bradshaw is an original T.V. character, I figured I was safe.
My fabric is by Tina Givens. One of my favorite fabric designers. This is actually my most prized fabric, and I wanted to use it for something special. Something I felt and looked good in, and I would wear again. It’s funny that I chose a fabric with birds on it. I kind of wish it had bees too. Get it? “Birds and the bees” meets Sex and the City. That would have been fabulous. But I can settle for birds. I love the fit. I’ve used this pattern before, with the Mad Men challenge, and it’s one I recommend. I used a black metal zipper to give a high end trendy look, I drafted my cap sleeves and lowered the back and front neckline – not enough though. I could probably lower the front neckline a few inches to reach the same integrity of the Carrie Bradshaw dress. The peplum is removable and is from a 40′s vintage pattern.

As you can tell, Carrie’s (SJP) peplum is more of a bubble style. I had a hard time figuring out how to do a bubble skirt over my already made dress. Also, if I did figure out how to make it, would I wear it? Probably not. I went the wearable route. We don’t have sky scrapping buildings in our quiet valley. We headed up to our outdoor mall for photos. Los Angeles is about an hour away in good traffic, without a babysitter we were not going to take that chance, so staying local was our best bet. M.E. wanted to get in on the action too. She jumped out of her stroller and said “Daddy, pictures of M.E.?”, and she posed for him. It was cute. She looks like her father.
I’m pretty much in love with this dress. A lot. I think it may love me back. It will love me more, once I adjust it’s neckline a bit.


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm was and still am an avid follower of Sex and The City! This dress is amazing and I agree that the print is fabulous. Best of all is the removable peplum! I love versatility!

Meg the Grand said...

The print is totally fabulous, and you are just rocking that peplum! And it's removable?! Swoon!

Pamela said...

Love the dress, and still love your style. Awesome Beff! Awesome.