Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to Wear White Denim

For a long time I was strongly against white denim. Probably because I had never seen it pulled off very well, or it reminded me of bad fashion from the 1980's. About a couple months ago I received a Delia's catalog, along with a gift card reimbursement from a purchase made over 10 YEARS ago!!! They over charged me and I never realized, but they did and sent me a gift card. I was extremely excited. I hadn't ordered from Delia's since high school - it was fun looking though the catalog and seeing their latest trends. I came across a page of colored denims, I wan't too attracted to the colors they had to offer, but then I saw them - white skinny capri denim! I needed them in my closet and on my body! I ordered them. It hadn't become Spring yet when they arrived, so by my own rules of fashion i could not wear them until Spring started. 

Just this last weekend, my itty family and I enjoyed an overnight trip to the beach, Oxnard Shores. I decided to wear my white denim and pair it nicely with a soft feminine chambray blouse and a jersey peacoat. Perfect beach attire I would say. What do you think?

Denim: Delia's $19.99, Chambray Blouse: Target $24.99, Jersey Peacoat: Coldwater Creek gifted


Anonymous said...

It looks great! You definitely did a fabulous job styling your newest white denim. White denim is hard because they can be very unflattering and make women look larger than what they are. Not you though!

Lucija said...

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