Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shirt to Dress Tutorial: H&M Inspired

I found this dress at H and M for $20! Total steal right? Well I could have bought it for such a good price, especially with how well it fit (that hardly ever happens). But realized I had a thrifted little boys shirt that looked just like the bodice of this dress, and I had some inherited denim that was similar to the skirt part of this dress, all I needed to buy was a zipper. So $20 versus $1.39. yeah, I'm that cheap.

I already had the perfect pattern for my skirt to attach to my shirt. I used New Look 6872. All I did was buy a 10in zipper instead of a 7in like the pattern calls for.

This is my awesome little boy shirt I found thrifting. It was too short but it fit in the bust. I knew I would eventually figure out what to do with it.

I turned my shirt inside out and marked with a pin where I want to attach the skirt, then I marked with another pin where to cut the shirt. I measured about 2inches down from the first marking.

I cut from this measurement all the way around the shirt to make it clean and even.
If you are using a boys/men's shirt, you will probably need to add back and bust seams. But if you are using a women's shirt, then the seams are most likely already there.

I then decided what side to have my zipper on. I seam ripped the side of the shirt where I will be placing my zipper. I ripped it about 3 inches up the side.

I then followed the directions on the pattern for my skirt, right up to where it directs you on sewing in the zipper. I then pinned my skirt to my shirt, right at the natural waist. 
Sew it down on top of the band and on the bottom of the waistband.

 Then sew your zipper in where your open seam on your skirt is and where you seam ripped the side of your shirt.

 And this is the outcome! I paired with a thick band belt for more character.

Very similar to the original, right? I am so pleased with it. And I seriously wear it all the time.

The beautiful model, M.E. and I


My name is Rita said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! Certainly something I would wear! Great job.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are as frugal as me! I love how you used your creativity and imagination to make this. It turned out great and I love your other model :)

Yvette Friendship said...

This is great, better than the original imho. :)

Pam said...

Very clever!!! I love your new dress!!!

Anonymous said...

Your version is nicer, congratulations on a great saving.

Adria said...

I love it, Bethany!! And if I had more time I think I would make it right now...or go to H & M if it wasn't 3 hours away!
P.S. I'm listening to Rooney right now....remember when we went to their show in Anaheim??

Meg the Grand said...

What a fantastic dress!! I love the combo of the plaid with that skirt - it looks great and so much like your inspiration!

Begoña Barrera said...

Muy interesante! Soy una fiel seguidora de vuestros consejos y vuestras técnicas y me parece que no había visto nada sobre pratonaje hasta ahora. Me ha en cantado!! Saludos cordiales de

Ane Malone said...

Your version is cuter!!!