Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sew Weekly Mother's Day Tribute: Grandma Mary

This past week the Sew Weekly challenge was do sew something inspired by a family member. I chose my Maternal grandmother. I am a lot like her in ways - such as her stubborn and tough love qualities. Sh has always been an inspiration to me, in more ways than just fashion. She raised animals, weaved baskets, grew fruits and vegetables, nursed beautiful flower gardens, cultured in the arts and helped others in need. As much of an amazing woman she was/is, this sewing project did not do it's justice. I totally bombed it. You may not be able to tell in photos - but if you saw this dress up close and personal you would tell me to throw it away. Here is my story:

First off, let’s talk about my inspiration for this weeks challenge. My Grandma. I loved this woman. She was so strong and amazing. She did things the best way she knew how and I have got to give her credit for that. She was a woman ahead of her time, but had some funny quirks. She was a sorority sister at University of Washington (go Huskies!) Majored in fashion merchandising, then changed her major to nursing. Good thing she did too. This woman was selfless. Born of German/Welsh parents, she loved fashion and was good at not only wearing it, but making it and styling it. She married my grandfather in the late 1930′s, this picture was taken in 1943. When she married my grandfather, she had to take on a different role in life. She had to take on more roles than any woman should have to. You see, my grandfather was an alcoholic. A dirty, mean drunk. Grandma sold their house outside of Seattle and moved the family to a little farming area on the outskirts of Yakima, WA. in hopes that Grandpa would be too busy with their new dairy farm to drink life away. Well, he did just that. He drunk his life away. he died in an automobile accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. Drove head on into a tree. My mother was only 14 and my uncle 16. Grandma became a stronger woman because she had to. Her love for fashion was put on hold for many decades and she helped organize a rehab center in Ellensburg, WA for alcoholics. What an amazing woman to pioneer this great cause before it was worldly recognized. When I came into the picture 1/4 of a century later, she passed on her love of fashion and beauty to me since she had to give it up so long ago. She became a woman of many talents due to the forces of nature. When it came to finding photos of Grandma, I noticed every dress she wore had huge floral print on them. I had only one fabric with huge floral print, the dreaded shirting material.
Which brings me to the low point of my post. See this awesome pattern? I fell in love, and was ready to use it. To my dismay the only pattern pieces that could be found were the facings and the long sleeve. I was so bummed out! But, I sucked it up and said I can make this work, Sadly I didn’t. I had to draft the entire pattern with only the help of the facings and the picture on the back of the pattern envelope. The sewing machine ate the material while trying to sew the button holes. The material did not fold well while trying to do EVERYTHING! But, I was not going to give up. I started this ugly project and I am going to finish it. I can be a stubborn mule at times. I guess I just channeled Grandma. So, I hate this dress, it will never get finished properly. I should have learned my lesson the first time working with shirting fabric. Please don’t make my mistake. I was so in hatred with this dress that I didn’t care that I have no make up on or my hair done properly. I said to the hubs, “let’s just get this over and done with” and handed him my iPhone to take the pictures. Grandma, I promise to honor you on another challenge. This one did just not work out. A funny thing about my Grandma, she didn’t believe in wearing pants ever! Even when doing farm work. The woman wore skirts, dresses, and culottes all year long no matter the occasion or weather. She believed women should not wear pants because it didn’t leave much to the imagination. Funny Grandma, she has a point, but pants are just so easy and convenient. She would have gruffed at that comment.


Ioana-Carmen said...

U look amazing in that dress :X

Jill said...

When I clicked on your blog my first thought was: "Wow! Great dress!" I don't see the problem.

Waseem said...

So inspiring....Dress is bright.

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Hena Tayeb said...

She sounds like a wonderful woman.. you did a great job with the dress.