Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pink and Dandy

The latest weeks theme for Sew Weekly was Tickled Pink. I had the perfect fabric and the perfect pattern, and the perfect shoes, and the perfect lipstick, and the perfect problems to get the perfect fit.
Read about my journey.

The Facts:
Fabric: Cotton from stash
Pattern: Simplicity 1803 (Project Runway Inspirations)
Year: 2012
Notions: Zipper $1.39
Time to Complete: A week!
First Worn: April 28th, 2012
Wear Again: I better after all the hard work I put into it.
Total Cost: $1.39!
Oh this gorgeous, wearable dress was a nightmare to make! When the challenge arose to make something pink, I knew this was the fabric I wanted to use for it. I also needed a fun and flirty pattern. I was torn between a vintage romper and this cute dress with the cut out neckline. I obviously went with the dress. I didn’t know what I was in for or where my brain went during the process of this hot mess! I blame getting sick on why I made such a mess of the sewing process. You see, I cut out all my pieces, or so I had thought. I got to the hem part, and realized I had an uneven amount of seam lines on the skirt. Why? I was so lost, so tired, and so congested. I rummaged through my pattern pieces, counted them, counted the pieces on my dress. I realized I only attached one side skirt piece. That also explained why my skirt gathering didn’t equal out. UGH! was this for real? Was this really happening? So where did the second piece go? Beats me. I never found it. Or maybe I never cut one. Medicine head. Figures.
I literally had to seam rip the skirt apart. I’m really good at seam ripping. I do it a lot. I wish it wasn’t such a fabulous talent of mine, but it is. So I took it apart, re-gathered it and sewed the whole thing back on again.
By this time, I was ready to throw out this project if it didn’t work out. The hem is atrocious, but I can live with it. BTW: Does anyone have any advice on sewing wide hems on a gathered skirt with a regular sewing machine? I always mess up.
Finally done! The dress fit! The seam lines were even! This dress is wearable! I am officially excited to wear this dress out and about. I did just that. We went to our local outdoor mall, enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine. Found a nice white store front to take pictures in front of. Got lots of looks from shoppers (that’s the uncomfortable part of the challenges) I got a lot of compliments, which made me feel much better at putting in the extra effort. I don’t like to stand out in a crowd, but I don’t mind people staring at what I am wearing because they like it.
All the bonuses to this shoot? My brand new shoes arrived the morning of. I was so excited. I wanted to wear them with this dress so bad and feared they wouldn’t arrive in time. I ordered them from, great deals! I bought new pink lipstick just to wear with this dress. Love it! I didn’t feel sick anymore, which was helpful for pictures. The store front was empty! Yay for no random shoppers in the way, boo for stores closing down.
This fabulous new dress of mine features a neckline cutout, which I turned into a makeshift bow. I love it. I think it adds personality to the dress. I can make the dress without the neckline addition, I think I will do that next time I use this pattern.
This dress also features a low back, which is in style now and can really help out those strange tan lines that I currently am sporting.
I feel so fabulous in this dress. I love this dress so much. I love how it makes me feel, and I love that my 2 year old tells me “Mommy dress pretty. Mommy pretty.” I love that little girl of mine. I plan on making a dress for her out of the rest of the fabric. And the title of this dress was thought up by my darling husband.


Crystal said...

It is a really pretty dress, and I am drawn to the pretty cotton print you used. Great photos, too.

MaryAnn said...

Love it as usual. I am so impressed with your patience and sewing skills. Way to go! Hopefully I see you wearing it on Sunday!

Jill said...

Love your blog (and your dress) so I'm passing on a Liebster blogger award to you. There's more info on my blog!