Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Flatter Your Best Feature, Modestly

It's okay to admit you have a favorite feature on your own body. Admit it, I know you do. And sometimes we are so tempted to show off that feature. But we are ladies. Classy ladies. We don't want to know...skanky. So together, let's figure out your best feature you want to showcase, and how we can showcase it modestly.

Shoulders/Arms: Say you have great shoulder build and/or fabulous arms that deserve to be admired and complimented. What can you wear that isn't compromising your classiness? 

This dress is Joan Sheath by Banana Republic. The cap sleeve compliments your sexy arms, and is sheath enough to show your should build you are so proud of.

Legs: You have worked hard for those legs, whether it be dance classes, marathon training, or yoga. You are proud of that hard work, But how do you show these beauties off without going too short and looking like a high schooler?
White Bermudas!
Bermuda shorts by Ann Taylor, hitting right above the knee cap and worn with wedges or platforms to accent those great legs.

Back: Backless things look good on the models and photograph well, but in actuality it's not practical. Doesn't fit well or doesn't keep the dress or shirt up. Say you have a great back, and you want to practically and modestly show it off. What can you possibly wear to do that?
Julia Bobbin, Butterick 5603, lace collar, wool crepe
This dress is handmade by Julia at Julia Bobbin, using Butterick 5603

Butt: We all know how to answer this one. Just wear anything tight at your own risk! Just kidding. A great way to flatter your back side is to wear high waist pants, denim, or skirts. This way it shows your true curves instead of giving you "muffin top"
Fly-Rise Jeans via Mod Cloth
Fly-Rise jeans Via Mod Cloth

Waist:Accenting your natural waist is the best thing a woman can do for her body. One, it shows you actually have a waist and two, it gives more attention to the rest of your curves as well. Believe me, this is a good thing. No one wants to look like a block! fake that hourglass shape if you have to, I do. I encourage every woman, no matter your size, to accent your waist. You are woman and you deserve to ROAR!
Stop Staring Ashley in black or dove grey
Ashley by Stop Staring

Ladies! Go out and flatter your best feature. If you can't find what you are looking for in a modest selection - find a sewing pattern and make it your own!

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