Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dates in a Jar

Lately the hubs and I have been a boring old married couple (6 years of marriage) and haven't been as adventurous as we used to be. A lot gets in the way of this adventure seeking: school, work, baby, finances, etc. And as usual, I have been expecting the hubs to come up with date ideas on his own and surprise me. This is when he flusters and I get annoyed. Well I came across something on Pinterest that caught my eye. You see it's called "Date Night in a Jar" by Life in the Green House. I read her blog post and thought "hey, this is a good idea" Naturally her and her husbands interests weren't the quite same as our own, but I took them all into consideration, went over them with the hubs, and we came up with a few of our own ideas and kept some of the originals.
date night sticks

I cheated, however. I didn't want to paint my own popcicle sticks, I found already colored ones at Joanns. I also created a 4th category - Physical Dates. So here goes my version of the the Date Sticks. Change what best suits your lifestyle.

$$$ Expensive and planned in advance = Red
-Bed & Breaakfast
-Dinner at a fancy restaurant
-One night stay at a hotel/Inn
-Concert & dinner (his choice)
-Concert & dinner (her choice)
-Weekend getaway
-Couples massage
-Amusement Park/Zoo
-Dinner Cruise
-Whale watching
-Melting Pot
-Historical landmarks tours

Physical Dates = Green
-Dog Park with the dogs
-Sky High (indoor trampoline gym)
-Mini golf
-Beach activities

$ - $$ Moderate Priced Average Dates = Yellow
-Dinner & a movie (his choice)
-Dinner & a movie (her choice)
-Mexican night
-BBQ night
-Drive in movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
-Dessert only date
-Ikea date
-Art Gallery
-Coffee Shop Date
-Picnic in the park
-Mall Date

Stay at Home Dates as a couple or with friends = Blue
-Fondue & a chick flick
-Takeout & board games
-Pizza & painting
-Nachos & a dude movie
-Cards & Breakfast for dinner
-Make a dessert for together
-TV show marathon & potluck
-Homemade pizza & Hitchcock movies
-Newlywed game (found here) & Potato bar
-Workout date with smoothies and a vegetarian meal
-20 questions & taco bar

Ours isn't as romantic looking, but I guess we just aren't romantic type people. Or we are trying to bring romance - the normal way - into our lives. So enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

What a fab idea - Might have to give this a go. :)