Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What I Wore: Take 1

I don't usually post about the outfits I wear. Mostly it's of clothes I have designed and made. The truth is, I may make fun clothes - but I do not get much of an opportunity to wear them. Mainly to work and church. All the other days, I am home running around chasing a 22 month old active little girl of mine. I like to take care of the things I treasure and worked hard on, so I don't wear them during my days of cleaning, errand running, and laundry. I usually look like a mess in all reality. I'm lucky if I get a shower every day. I'm also lucky if the hubs and I find time in our time demanding schedules to get out and enjoy ourselves together. We don't have much money and I don't want anyone ever to get the idea that I pretend to. So when we do get out, we try to do it reasonably priced. Today's adventure was free, with the exception of me constantly wanting to eat - then the hubs had to fork up the dough. My hubby made plans for us to go to Warner Brother's Studio lot and watch a taping of Conan O'Brian. It was fun to be there and watch a live taping. The guests were not much to get excited about, but Conan is always a hoot! Well back to the point of this post. I was pretty happy about my outfit selection today and wanted to share it with you all in hopes of inspiration or whatever. At the studios, they didn't allow any cameras and we had to turn our phones off once we got into the waiting area. So the only photo I got was from my phone.
Blouse: Sheer crinkle chiffon, Abercrombie Outlet $20, Pants: Red skinny denim, Forever 21 $24.95, Belt: Brown Leather cutout, Old Navy $3.95, Boots: Brown leather heeled, Burlington Coat Factory $24.95.

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