Friday, February 17, 2012

Red is for Love

This week for our Sew Weekly challenge was to make an ensemble in the color red. This is the dress I wore for our Valentine's Date. First I will tell you about this dress, then I will tell you about our date.

I honestly thought this dress had defeated me. I almost gave up. It seemed like my choice to make this dress was starting to become a sewing nightmare. When I originally bought the fabric on double clearance, I knew I wanted to use it for this particular pattern. This dress seemed so regal to me, with it's tiered peplum and the open key hole. A regal type dress needed to be a regal color. So red it was, which also worked out perfectly for this weeks challenge. I took a lesson from Veronica Darling and shortened the dress to be above the knee rather than at the calf and I chose the 1 tier style over the 2 tiered option. Little did I know the challenges I would be facing.
Not only did I make several mistakes, but I was incredibly sick the last 2 weeks. I was only allowing myself to work on this challenge when I felt somewhat good. My first mistake was not cutting on the bias. This proved to be my enemy while piecing this dress together. I will NEVER make that mistake again. My second mistake was forgetting to size the top half of the blouse down to my miniature person frame. Oh, wow, when I finally finished this dress (last Friday) I was swimming in the top half! I had to reset the side darts, add front darts, and take 2 inches in on the shoulder seam. Oh stone the groves! I thought this dress would never be suitable for wearing.

But it was eventually saved. And I actually don't mind how this dress looks on me. It's a fun dress and it makes me look like I have some curves. I added a brooch to it at the waist, to actually hide a mistake, but it is very well suited for the place I put it in. I am excited to wear it on my Valentine's Date with the Hubs. From where I started, this dress and I have redeemed ourselves, and I am proud to say I made it. Now to work on better better poses for pictures....There is always something to learn, right?

 I did do my own hair. I am pretty proud of myself, you see. My hair is pretty short and not easy to work with when it comes to up-do's. Especially Victory Rolls. I found an awesome video tutorial here

Now for the date: So the plan was to try out a new Bistro that served Southern Creole food (Hubby is from AL) But when we got there, it wasn't a bistro at all - it was a take-out only place, with no where to sit. That was a bomb that dropped. I was so hungry by this time anyways (had to juggle through a few obstacles just on our way to this so called "Bistro") So now we are trying to think of other restaurants close by that may not have a huge wait time. We tried Red Lobster (1 hr wait), Olive Garden (2 hour wait) Claim Jumper (30 min wait) P.F. Changs (1 hour wait) Outback Steak House had no wait, we went there. I had my very own Gluten Free menu to order from (that's what I call hospitality and service) I ate my delicious gluten free dinner, enjoyed a fruitiful drink and thought about ordering the delicious gluten free dessert, but I was way too full. Hubby ordered his full of gluten seafood pasta and his fruitiful drink and didn't even want to think of dessert. I was so happy they way things turned out. And very happy I didn't have to have an anxiety attack trying to find anything gluten free from a Southern "Bistro". Such a relief.


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